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Can you remember the last time you cleaned behind the refrigerator? Never did it? The reason you want to do this is to reduce the work load and increase the efficiency of your hardest working appliance in the kitchen. We all know the refrigerator needs to be wiped down and cleaned out on the inside, but have you given much thought to the coils behind the unit?

Cleaning Condenser Coils
The squiggly looking coils behind the refrigerator release heat from the condenser. Over time they collect dust, grime, pet hair, and dirt that lowers the efficiency, makes the condenser work twice as hard to keep food cool, and eventually will break down your refrigerator.

  • Unplug your refrigerator first. Then pull your unit away from the wall. If there is a cover over the coils, gently remove it first.
  • Take a broom and knock down as much debris as you can to loosen the grime. Using your vacuum suck up all the debris. You may have to empty vacuum several times depending on the amount of accumulation there is back there.
  • When you are finished remove the grid underneath the refrigerator if possible to clean that also. If not removeable, clean with a solution of vinegar and water.
  • Before you push the refrigerator back, clean the hard to reach places. Turn appliance back on and it should be cool in 15 minutes. Repeat every 6 months or when the time changes.

Inside of Refrigerator
You can keep the refrigerator on while cleaning the interior of the unit.

  • Remove everything from the refrigerator. Keep the freezer items intact until finished. Any leftovers that are over 5 days old, throw out!
  • Start removing any drawers/shelves and put in a soapy solution in sink to soak. Be cautious with glass shelves. They cannot go immediately in hot water or they may crack.
  • Wipe down interior with a warm wet cloth including all doors and corners where spills accumulate. Dry when complete.
  • Clean shelves and drawers that have been soaking in the sink. Dry and place back in clean refrigerator.
  • Empty freezer items onto counter or cooler. This should go very quickly since there are rarely any spills. Throw out any food with crystals. This includes ice cream. Any food not sealed tightly should also be disposed.

Tips to Maintain Cleanliness
Keep a small box of baking soda in bottom of the refrigerator. Wipe up spills as they occur. Use natural products as much as possible to avoid any contamination with food. Vinegar, water, and lemon are great products to use throughout your home. A baking soda paste can be used effectively to scrub out most tough stains. Throw out old dairy products, and leftovers that is over 5 days old.

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