This year Thanksgiving may look different and have less family members or guests at your home. The pandemic is very real and CDC guidelines of prevention are still in place of washing hands, cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, and wearing masks in public. The CDC also recommends that you celebrate the Thanksgiving weekend only with those in your immediate household that you share your living space with daily. Military and college students although away from home, may be considered as part of your family household if they actively practice safe hygiene protocols and are asymptomatic.

Hosting a large event is not recommended this year. Outdoor dining is preferred if the weather permits for short periods of time. On the positive side, a smaller Thanksgiving will mean less work cleaning the home, preparing guest rooms, and less dishes!

Consider inviting extended family to join you in a Virtual Thanksgiving with the opportunity to talk about grace, gratitude, and family. The benefit of a virtual experience is that it can be recorded and shared later at future family gatherings. Holidays are about traditions and this could be part of a new way to celebrate holidays when everyone is unable to be physically together.

Another way you can reach seniors or those that are homebound is to provide a meal and deliver to them. Bringing their favorite pie or your special recipe for dressing may just be what makes the Thanksgiving more memorable than ever. If your loved one is in an assisted living facility, bring Thanksgiving to them working with collaboration of the facility. Small pumpkins for everyone to decorate with markers, ribbon, fabric, and acrylic paint can be a fun way to connect with your loved one. Laughing and having a memorable experience will highlight a possible new tradition!

Other ideas would be to make a Thankful Tree using clothespins or paper clips to adhere “thankful leaves” of gratitude to a tree. Adhere leaves to a tree branch and set in vase or draw a tree on posterboard and add the leaves with glue. Either way it is a project that allows everyone to participate and share gratitude.

Think about what makes the holiday special to you. Is it the food, the people, or the time to reflect? We encourage you to be safe and take preventive measures to keep your loved ones safe and healthy. Reflect and make new memories.

Call us to schedule a cleaning to maintain a healthy home. At We Clean 4 You we are blessed with a group of efficient cleaning technicians who take pride in their performance to exceed your expectations performing a 21-touch point sanitizing service on all home cleanings using CDC approved products to maintain the health and well-being of your family.

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