What would we do without our maids? Well, we wouldn’t have a business! Our maids aren’t just staff, we care about our maids as family. We look for similar traits in our maids-respect, positive attitude, cooperation, punctuality, leadership, and a genuine concern for others.  All these traits are necessary before we allow them in anyone’s home.

Learn about a couple of our tenured maids, Lauren and Tabatha, as they share information about themselves and why they enjoy We Clean 4 You.

Lauren has been with us for 3 ½ years. She is a young lady in her late 20’s with a role as trainer for new hires to ensure they learn the correct way to clean top to bottom, left to right so that a spot is never missed. Consistency and the right product will get the job done. She is originally from England and moved to the United States at 13 years of age. Once she was sent to a home with other maids and met the owner who was from her a place close to her hometown! Lauren enjoys seeing the happiness in the faces of a homeowner when their home has maid service and they can relax with their family! She hopes to travel back to her hometown someday soon.

Tabatha has been one of our “seasoned” maids since 2015 when she moved to town from Upstate New York.  Happily married for 22 years she has 3 children and I grandchild. She enjoys seeing the happy faces on her clients when their home is clean. One of her fondest memories is when she locked the keys in her car and owner Lucille called AAA for her. Family helps family.

A not so fond memory was when Tabatha entered a home to clean by entering a 4-digit alarm code into the door and stepped into a home with sounding alarms. The police did appear to question her about breaking into the home.  Good news, she recommends everyone use “Delete Germ” as a product on your glass doors. It is AMAZING, according to Tabatha.

We offer the BEST maid service to the community because, “It’s not about the DUST, invite someone in your home you can TRUST”. All our maids are screened for strict qualifications, a comprehensive training program with written reviews, standardized equipment, and cleaning products that are specific to our business. Give us a call and let us clean for you. We will treat you like family.


Need assistance? Give us a call and we will schedule an appointment convenient for you.


It isn’t just about the DUST,
Invite someone in your home you can TRUST!

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