Keeping the home organized and clutter free is a prerequisite to having your entire house cleaned by a cleaning professional. Jackets, shoes, books, bills, mail, or other scattered items need to be put in their proper designated area, so you are using the maid’s time to clean + sanitize.

It is easier if you have one area of your home for drop offs from accumulated stuff- school, work or walking dogs so that every evening family members can retrieve their items to put in closets, bedrooms, or a defined area for their personal belongings. Eliminating the clutter is extremely helpful to optimize your service.

Do not be afraid to throw away or giveaway items you have not used it in over a year. The counter-space in kitchen is often wasted with items you seldom use. Give it away or put it in a storage place. Designate an area for your mail. Keep bills out of sight in an area you can refer to weekly for bill paying. If it is an ad, throw it out. Keep one drawer for restaurant coupons, items you may want to review later (non-bill) and touch it only once.

To maintain the cleaning and make the job less consuming for the maid, keep wipes, mirror cleaner, baking soda, and vinegar in every bathroom, under kitchen sink, and even the laundry room to save time and to action a 10-minute daily cleaning in one room.

Take 10 minutes each day to clean one room. Bathroom is an easy place to start. Since your cleaning solution, wipes, and cleanser is already there, start with sprinkling baking soda on tub and vinegar in toilet. While tub is soaking clean mirrors and countertop. When done with that wipe down tub with vinegar-soaked sponge and flush toilet.

Your kitchen can be cleaned in 10 minutes too. Spread baking soda in sink and let soak. Spray oven, floor, and counter with your ready-made spray bottle (vinegar, water, lemon juice). Wipe counters, mop floor, and when finished wipe oven. This is easy to do in just 10 minutes. The easiest thing is to do is clean up daily after using the kitchen, sweep the floor if dirt is evident on floor, wipe up spills as they occur, and minimize the daily clutter by putting items where they belong.

Reduce the clutter on your kitchen counter. Wipe off counters and cooking surfaces daily. Purge leftover food every few days and clean out refrigerator weekly of old food. Take out trash often to eliminate odors. Throw sponges away after a couple of weeks of use or wash in dishwasher. Consider using a microfiber cloth than can be washed in laundry instead of a sponge that harbors germs. Sweep floors before mopping to remove dirt and dust. Mop after sweeping. Vacuum carpet or mop floors at minimum once a week to reduce the dirt brought in from outside, pets, and traffic.

The key to easy maintenance is to clean as you go. Do dishes, make your bed, and sweep daily. Dust the furniture, shelves, tabletops, and upholstered furniture weekly. Change your bed sheets weekly. Using a microfiber cloth to clean absorbs the germs better and can be laundered.

A little clean up each day maintains a healthy home for everyone living there!                                                                


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