There is some evidence that having a clean organized home reduces stress and increases your mental well-being. Think about it, don’t you sleep better when you change the sheets? As you relax, you become more comfortable. Therefore, your sleep is more restful.

As humans we crave things to be logical and have some sort of order. Neatness and order support a healthy lifestyle. We feel better about ourselves when things are not in disarray.

 Physical Wellness

First there are the health aspects of a clean home. A clean, dust free environment can get family members from getting colds, flu, or exasperating asthma conditions. Disinfecting the bathroom, toilets, and kitchen prevents mold growth, microbes, and other bacteria causing growths. The average person breathes in dust mites, pet dander, and bug skeletons.

Safety Prevention

Clutter around the home is an accident waiting to happen. Why would you want to have to navigate around obstacles in your home? Appliances should be directly plugged into outlets to prevent electrical fires. Check to make sure no cords are frayed. Air filters must be changed every 2 months to enable your furnace to work more efficiently, reduce your electrical bill, and prevent fires occurring. Furnace filters are designed to prevent dust from accumulating. If the filter is not changed regularly, dust can accumulate (highly flammable), be sucked into the furnace and cause a fire.

Mental Wellness

Depression, fatigue, and increased levels of stress are noticeable in people that have their homes in disarray. Increased mental creativity, productivity, and even more motivation to daily exercise has been observed in homeowners that have a clean home.


Less anxiety about having guests drop by when your home is clean. Friends will be impressed and boost their respect for you!

Create a clean environment for your mind, body, and soul. Stepping into a clean home provides peace and tranquility from the outside world. Leave the noise, chaos, and confusion outside your home.


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It isn’t just about the DUST,

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