Organization After Christmas

You made it through the Holidays and it’s time to take down the outside lights and store the Christmas tree. When you put up the Christmas decorations it’s excitement with hopes of the season to come. Taking it down and storing it away for next year doesn’t seem to have the same luster and shine. But we have some tips that may inspire you to try a few new ways to pack it up safely for next year.

When you open a bin that has been in storage for a year you may not remember what was in it. But if you utilize clear plastic containers you will know right away that it is full of garland or ornaments. One trick I do is to package all your living room items together, kitchen items, and other rooms with a specific label on the outside. So much easier to unpackage and decorate after being in hibernation for 11 months!

Have you thought about storing breakable ornaments in egg crates? If your ornaments are too large, try an apple crate. Another way to store the ornaments is in individual plastic cups. Put each ornament in a cup then line the container with the cups. To add another layer slide a layer of cardboard on top of the cups.

Lights are always finding ways to get tangled on each other. If you wrap the cords around a flat cardboard sheet from a box that will help. Cut the sheet into a rectangle and slit a notch into one side to wrap one end. Wrap the cord around the cardboard and slit another notch for the final end of the cord. If you have any leftover tissue paper, slide a layer of the paper between rows. Another option is to store the lights in a gallon plastic zip top bag after securing both ends together. Hangers are effective if you have a place to put in a closet. Wrap the cords around the hanger and then you’re done.

Artificial trees can be cumbersome and a mess to store. Even worse when you bring it out from storage. Tie a belt or bungie cord around the branches to compact the tree tighter and store in a narrow space.

Wrapping paper is always a challenge to keep in a handy place year-round for gifts. Store each roll on a curtain dowel and then adjust to fit in a closet horizontally to use as needed. Shoe organizers are another convenient way to store the wrapping paper.

Ribbon can be stored the same way as the wrapping paper with multiple ribbons on a single dowel and left to hang horizontally in the closet. Or try using a mug tree to hang and store the ribbon rolls.

There are specific containers for wreaths, but why not make your own? Slide the wreath into a kitchen or gallon size garbage sack, then hang on a hanger. Seal the bottom together with the ties from the sacks or use ribbon.

School supply boxes are an expensive way to store the ornament hangers, beads, or other small items that are easily lost or found in the bottom of the boxes. There are several dividers making it ideal for avoiding lost items.

When it’s all packed away give us a call. At We Clean 4 You we want to help you enjoy more quality time with your family-not cleaning!



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