Several places in your home can harbor odors- wet clothing, pets, the kitchen garbage, the dishwasher, and the washing machine. What can you do to add pleasing scents in the home and eliminate odors due to pets, cooking, or water leakage?

Damp towels cause a horrible musty smell that is actually bacteria growth-yuk! Always hang towels after use and wash in hot water in a load that is not full. This allows the hot water to kill the bacteria. If your towels still smell, bacteria is in your machine. Run the towels through the washing machine with bleach a second time.

There are a few natural household items you can use in the kitchen to eliminate odors. Baking soda is a common product used in the refrigerator to eliminate odors from spoiled food. It can also be used to absorb and neutralize odors in other rooms, often including utility/laundry areas. To be effective, replace the baking soda in your refrigerator every three months. Many people mark in black the date to remind them when to toss it out.

Coffee grounds can also be used to neutralize odors. The grounds can overpower garlic, onions, vomit, and pet urine. Allow the coffee grounds to dry out, add to a plastic container-(old margarine container), poke holes in the lid and let it sit on counter.

A musty smell of wet cardboard could be a large problem in your home. Hidden mold in the walls can be very toxic. Issues may arise from leaky pipes, poor ventilation in wet areas of kitchens and bathrooms, and windowsills. A vinegar and water solution can help with mold on windows. If difficult to remove bleach can be more effective. Try to keep any mildew smells in control before they become a larger problem that needs professionals.

Need a home remedy to add a Fall scent? Bake a pumpkin pie or a pumpkin loaf, get a vanilla candle and add cinnamon sticks and rosemary around it, or make a rosemary wreath and hang several around the house. Simmer pots can add the fresh scent of Fall throughout your home. Add apples, cloves, orange slices and cinnamon sticks to a simmering pot. If you are in the mood, add wine!

Get your home smelling fresh and ready for Fall!


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