The top 3 hated household chores are oven cleaning, cleaning the toilet, and defrosting the refrigerator. Survey says… Oven Cleaning is the one chore we hate the most. Ironing is up there too, but who really irons anymore?

The Department of Health suggests that every oven and stovetop should be DEEP cleaned every month. Do you recall the last time you deep cleaned your stove? All that scrubbing from food that is caked on the racks, walls, and glass door is an ugly mess. Don’t want to use harsh chemicals? We have the answer for cleaning your oven organically with vinegar, water, and baking soda. This is a better way to clean without the fumes, rubber gloves, and SCRUBBING! If you wipe out your oven every time it is used with a warm soapy cloth, the chore will be lessened and easier to bear.

The toilet is our next area of focus. Every time you flush the toilet germs get scattered throughout the bowl, the seat, and the handle, spraying E.coli and salmonella everywhere. Keeping the toilet brush by each toilet makes cleaning easier. There are also disposable cleaning wands that clean away most germs effectively and are thrown away after each use. The next step is the exterior of the bowl, starting with the lid, down to the base, using an all-purpose cleaner and a rag to wipe away all the accumulation of dust, hair, and other matter. Keep changing your rag to a clean section so you don’t transfer dirt to another side of the toilet. Remember behind the toilet and to disinfect the handle. The more often you clean, the easier it is to maintain. Wipe down the base of the floor around the toilet and then dry it all down.

Lastly, defrosting the refrigerator can be accomplished easier by preventing spills with removable plastic shelf liners placed in the bottom of each rack of the refrigerator or use plastic wrap. Placemats are easily modified to use to line shelves also. Either option can be replaced or cleaned when spills happen. What is the best way to tackle the refrigerator clean up? We have tips to easily clean your refrigerator every 3 months. Coil cleaning will reduce your energy bill also.

Of course, a Deep Cleaning could include the oven and refrigerator, the toilet is standard in every cleaning.

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