The kitchen can be a messy place sometimes. So much clutter piles up there sometimes, that we hardly know what to do with it. Even so, our kitchen rags go missing when you need them. Since they’re some of the most important components of a clean kitchen, we have a few tips you can follow to keep your kitchen towels organized and available when you need them.

Organize Them

Kitchen towels can come in different styles, some for cleaning different types of spills, some for cleaning the really messy stuff. Take some time to separate which ones you can afford to get messy first, and let the other be organized accordingly. Different towels have different purposes, so be sure take note of which one will get the job done.

Place Them in Drawers/Racks

Next up, find a proper place to put them at. Oftentimes, kitchen towels just hang around on the counters, and that is when they usually get lost or misplaced when the area gets messy. Find a designated drawer, or purchase a separate towel rack to keep the towels in a known location. This will eliminate the hassle and stress of having to search high and low for them when a big mess comes your way.

Don’t Let Wet Towels Sit

Whenever we use a towel, we oftentimes let it sit and dry after rinsing it out. Take a precautionary step further and be sure to wash it relatively soon after use. Letting the towel sit there after it has been used only let’s germs and bacteria build up within the rag. Soon, you’ll have a dirty towel that’s filled with germs when cleaning, which almost completes the purpose. Have a dirty rag container when you’re done, and wash regularly to avoid bacteria build up.

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