The moment someone walks into your home they can often detect if you have pets. The odor of pets in a home can be the one thing your guests remember about you after they leave if you are not constantly doing preventive measures.

When dogs sweat, they leave odors and their paws also collect debris from wherever they have walked. If dogs’ ears are not consistently cleaned out the wax build up produces an unpleasant odor. Of course, dogs also mark their territory with their odor so other dogs do not inhabit their space.

As a preventive to keep odors at bay sprinkle baking soda on carpet before vacuuming. Spritz your furniture with a mix of a teaspoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of vinegar in a spray bottle with water added. This mix is also great to spray regularly on flooring and rooms to neutralize and eliminate pet odor. Use the baking soda on any animal urine to eliminate stains and smells.

Remember to clean or change your air conditioning filters monthly. This will improve the efficiency of your unit and neutralize any airborne odors in the home. Air out your home by opening windows and doors when weather permits.

Dogs and cats have pet dander that collects on furniture, flooring, and other places cats have access to discovering. Dusting and cleaning floors weekly will reduce the pet dander while assisting with your families’ health or allergies too. Washing the pet blankets each week will stop odors from collecting significantly. Since dogs collect odors on their paws giving them a weekly bath especially when they are outside for longer periods of time will combat odors. Bathing will keep their coats healthier and protect their skin from any infections. Dog grooming is a must also. Try to keep their hair cut short or brushed out. Short hair collects less dander and refuge for odors to linger. Keep a baby wipe handy for easy clean ups. By cleaning regularly, the living spaces and the dog will help with allergies too.

Does your pet have toys? They need to be picked up regularly and put in an accessible basket or box for them. Show the cat or dog where they are, and they will remember. If possible, throw the toys in the wash with the pet bedding once a week.

The recommended ratio is one litter box per cat. Choose one that has a cover and is large enough to accommodate your cat. It may take time to find the right kitty litter that keeps odor under control. Litter box should be scooped out daily, and more often if possible. Is your litter box in a remote area that has low traffic? Even a laundry room or closet may work. Add a little baking soda to the litter to assist with minimizing odors.

Do no use harmful chemicals or toxic chemicals around your pets or in an area they frequent. This can be poisonous to them. Use unscented or organic solutions with baking soda, vinegar, or lemon around your precious babies. Adding shallow bowls of coffee grounds or cinnamon sprinkled in water will release pleasant fragrances into your home chemical free without harm.

Our pets are family, and we want to care for their health also.

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