Try as you may, when it comes to keeping your home clean, there’s no denying that pets make the task a bit more difficult.  Fortunately though, there are several helpful tips you can follow to ensure your home stays as clean as possible no matter the number of furry friends you have.

Consider Your Vacuum a New Best Friend

With pets in the house, you’ll want to vacuum on a daily basis.  Even if you don’t think your pets are shedding, it’s still a good idea to vacuum every day.  Not only does vacuuming every day help keep your home free of pet hairs everywhere, but it also lessens the number of hairballs your pets are likely to get choked on.

Keep a Spray Bottle in Each Room

A small spray bottle in each room is an excellent way to teach your cats and dogs what they can and cannot do.   For instance, you probably don’t want them up the counters or kitchen table.  If they attempt to get on either of them, simply spray your furry friends with a shot of water and say “No!”  Eventually, they’ll learn where they can and cannot roam.

Brush Them Outside

Brushing your pets at least once a week can greatly reduce the number of hairs that they shed.  However, do keep in mind that they will lose a lot of hair when brushing them, so make sure to do so outside, or at least in your garage.

Keep Cats Inside and Dogs as Much as Possible

Some people believe that cats and dogs can’t live happily together.  Truth is though, there are many cats and dogs that will sleep with one another at night.  To keep your home as clean as possible, you need to get your pets comfortable with one another and keep them in the home as much as possible.  If they are running in and out all day, they are sure to bring lots of debris back in with them.

Consider Investing in Slip Covers

Do you have pieces of furniture that seem to stay covered in pet hair?  If so, there’s a simple solution you can take advantage of and it comes in the form of slip covers.  No matter the size of the furniture, custom slip covers can be made.   If you notice the slip covers becoming too hairy, simply throw them in the wash, hang them out to dry and put them back on the furniture.

Consider Monthly Bathing

First of all, if you’re accustomed to giving your cats a bath, you should rethink this bathing regimen.  After all, cats clean themselves on a daily basis.  In fact, they spend 50 percent of their time awake cleaning themselves.  If you absolutely insist on giving them a bath, don’t exceed one per month.  Dogs should also be bathed only once a month because too many baths messes with the natural oils on their skin.

Here at We Clean 4 You, we are comfortable with cleaning up after your pets.  We provide a wide range of cleaning services, and it’s our goal to ensure your home always looks its best, no matter the number of furry friends you have.

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