June 1 through November 31 is known as the Hurricane Season along the Gulf Coast of Texas and many residents have seen the damage that can occur through high winds, rain, and fallen trees.

There are a few things you should do to prepare your trees from excessive damage during a tropical storm, hurricane, or possible tornado. Don’t wait until you hear the wind howling!

The durability of your trees and shrubs will vary by species, age, structure, the amount of rain, and strength of the wind. All trees can be inspected by a professional arborist. Your arborist can then determine the condition of the tree and the issues your tree may endure with a forceful storm.

Prune your trees of any dead branches and any limbs that may pose a risk to your home if fallen. Your arborist will be able to determine if you have any trees that need to be cabled with heavy bolts to resist strong winds to live longer.

Mulching your trees and adding fertilizer will provide essential nutrients to the roots. Continuous mulching helps the roots retain water longer and may reduce weeds.

A few other exterior preparedness thoughts:

  • Check your homeowners insurance-do you have flood insurance? Does it cover damage from rising waters and not just a hurricane?
  • Check your roof for damaged shingles, missing tiles, or any evident holes or patches
  • Ensure all carports are firmly attached to ground
  • Look at seals around doors and windows where water could get in.
  • Examine cables connected to exterior of home for holes. Seal with caulking if holes are evident.

When a storm is in your path remove all outdoor furniture, barbeque pits, décor pieces, and plants that may absorb the wind and projectile towards your home or a neighbor’s property.

Shelter in place and do not go outside during a storm. Connect with http://mctxoem.org for road closures, updates, and recovery solutions after a storm.

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