People have asked how we are able to track our maids and what systems we use. After operating a residential maid service for 6 years we have refined our procedures to know where each maid is at any given time and what we can do to make local maid service customers satisfied.

Each customer starts with initial contact through an incoming call to our office handled by competent office administrators, a Facebook message, filling out a contact form on our website, or an email. Recommendations are a preferred method of contact since they come from trusted relationships. After the initial contact either office admin ladies or the owners, Jeff and Lucille connect with the prospect and offer a quote for services, as well as sending them our various cleaning lists, which can help manage both the cost and the expectations.

As We Clean 4 You began to serve more homes with residential cleaning services, we needed a process to track the maids and connect with them immediately from the office. Service Fusion is a software tool set up as an application on smart phones that allows the maids to check-in when arriving at a residence. The system tracks their length of time to complete the job and can be used to send another maid to offer assistance if necessary. The program is useful for dispatching and scheduling jobs in the same vicinity for efficiency.

Prior to any job an email reminder or text message is sent to the customer to make sure the scheduled service is still acceptable. After completion of each maid service, the office staff connects with the customer to ensure their expectations were completely met. If the homeowner would like to set up recurring maid service, the appointment is set up in Service Fusion on the maid’s schedule with every effort to keep the same maid at your home each time.

Our maids have all their own supplies and efficiently work top to bottom, left to right, room to room with attention to detail. Every surface is dusted, cleaned, and wiped down in the home. If they can see it, they can clean it. We Clean 4 You trains the maids to clean the home in a consistent manner every time to not miss anything.

We recommend a Deep Cleaning as a starting point if you’ve never had maid service. The service includes cleaning every nook and cranny in your home removing items to dust every surface. Then a Basic Cleaning will maintain the cleaning.

At We Clean 4 You our maids undergo a rigorous training program before they are allowed in a home on their own. Everyone is insured, bonded and gets paid above the average because they are not average maids. They are our assets and we treat them like family!

Professional service when you need it delivered with respect and kindness. Our knowledge and experience delivered at a reasonable fee keep us in business working for you!


Feel free to leave us a POSITIVE review! Or call us and we will fix the problem immediately!


It isn’t just about the DUST,
Invite someone in your home you can TRUST!

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