I Hate Cleaning My House!

What is the one thing you hate doing in your home? Cleaning? Bathrooms and kitchens are the hardest areas to keep clean and tidy in your home because they are probably the most used areas of the house. And germs are everywhere! Time is not always on your side either. When you have a limited amount of time, you don’t want to use it up CLEANING! Dust accumulates daily. And if you have pets-there is one more reason to vacuum! But wait, maybe there is a way to make it easier?

Tackle Tonight
If you have jackets, shoes, books, mail, and work items scattered around in the entry room, designate one area as a drop off point for “stuff”. When kids walk in door, family members come in from work, or even pets get taken out on leashes, have everyone drop off items in one area (if not put away). Then every evening you can “take 10” and tackle all the clutter in the corner.

Easy Reach
Are all your cleaning solutions (baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice) in the appropriate room to be cleaned? Keep wipes, mirror cleaner, baking soda, and vinegar in every bathroom, under kitchen sink, and laundry room to save time, energy, and to implement Take 10.

Take 10
What can you do in 10 minutes? A lot. Take 10 minutes each day to clean one room. Bathroom is an easy place to start. Since your cleaning solution, wipes, and cleanser is already there, start with sprinkling baking soda on tub and vinegar in toilet. While tub is soaking clean mirrors and countertop. When done with that wipe down tub with vinegar soaked sponge and flush toilet! Boom!

Kitchen can be done in same manner. Spread baking soda in sink and let soak. Spray oven, floor, and counter with your ready-made spray bottle (vinegar, water, lemon juice). Wipe counters, mop floor, and when finished wipe oven. You just did it all in 10 minutes! Bam!

Do not be afraid to throw away or giveaway! If you don’t use it, lose it. Clothes, magazines, old mail. Counter-space in kitchen is often wasted with items you seldom use. Give it away or put it in a storage place. Mail has a tendency to sit in various places, also. Look at, place in bill area, or in designated area for Tackling Tonight. Have a drawer for shopping ideas. Lots of mail is to get you to buy something. If you think you may indulge-put in designated area in drawer or file first time you touch it.

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