If you are hosting a party the most important thing is that everyone has a good time and is relaxed. A Super Bowl party is a great way to bring people together at your home.

Guest List and Space

The guests to invite and your available space is the first priority. Will the party be Inside or outside or both?

As you look toward the event date your eye will probably be on the weather. Since this is February in Texas, you can expect rain, sun, cold, or heat. If the weather is decent you may want to have the viewing area outside with BBQ, tables, and of course plenty of seating. Great opportunity to visit and enjoy the outdoors without mosquitos or heat!

Do you have a room close to your exterior living space that may be a great extension for non-football conversation? Some people attend Super Bowl parties for the social aspect and the area could appease their willingness to be part of the comradery without interfering with the game in progress.


Is this going to be strictly host food or a pot luck? Do you plan on serving alcohol? The event is in the evening and many super bowl parties serve up hefty snacks or foods easy to pick up from restaurants that cater to Super Bowl parties. Wings, pizza, taco bars (do it yourself), potato bars, and even a dessert bar with candy toppings could be an easy way to have food prepared that can be replenished if some of your guests arrive later-or want to graze a little at a time. Dips, pigs in blanket, chips, or other finger foods are the easiest to pull together on a buffet. Using a galvanized bucket for drinks is an easy solution that keeps everyone out of the kitchen.

After all-Super Bowl parties are about the commercials and the food!

Prepping your Home for the Guests

Is your outdoor furniture ready for guests? We’ve had a challenging winter and you may need to get rid of the mildew with a little vinegar and water mix. Step outside and see what your eye focuses on at first glimpse. Can you add a welcoming wreath to the outside? Do you have Christmas décor still up?

As you move inside do you notice clutter in the entry area or the living area where the TV is located? You can channel the direction and flow to the entertainment room. If you have rooms that will be closed-temporarily move the items there and remember to close the door.

Purchase a plastic roll of tablecloth to cover your serving area. It will get messy! It’s okay to use paper products for table service at this event. Throw pillows are a nice addition for seating on the floor also. Make sure your floor is vacuumed, mopped and shining!

What bathroom will be used? Are the mirrors, counter, toilets, and counters shiny with clean towels, soap, and fragrance? A fragrant candle is a nice touch.

Do a quick check on the kitchen. Friends like to assist by refilling or preparing food in your kitchen so be prepared with a clean stovetop, wiped-down counters, clean trash receptacle, and possible room in your refrigerator.

Final Touch

The décor will be noticed. Purchase twine and round color coding labels in team colors to hang on walls. It’s all about the 2 teams! Do you have a football pot going? Use brown construction paper folded into a cone to look like a football to serve chips. Use your imagination… just don’t forget the ice or guacamole!

We are here to get your home ready before or the clean up after! Call us!



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