New Year/New Thoughts

January is typically the time to re-start your engine. Dieting, organizing, planning, and de-cluttering. By February, most of the new goals for the year have long been forgotten and life goes on.

Many people believe that if you write down your goals and post in a prominent place this will help you reach your goals. Make them simple, visualize them daily, and make it part of your lifestyle. At We Clean 4 You we have thought of a few ideas that could be easily be part pf your 2017 strategy for simple living.

Declutter your Home

Did you get new clothing for Christmas? There are a lot of great winter sales in January. White sales for linens and sheets are always in January. As you shop for new items, regardless if it’s clothing or sheets, get rid of the old! If you are shopping for new items it is hopefully because you need them. You can only use so many sheets or sweaters.

Donate the old items in good condition. If you wouldn’t use it again because it is torn or lived beyond its days, just throw it out. Donations are for those items that are still useful.

As you go through your closet if you see clothing that you have not worn in over a year, get rid of it! Do the same with old towels, sheets, and any magazines that are laying around your home.


The pantry is another area we seem to neglect. Do you have old spices that you really don’t use? Allspice, thyme, rosemary, soups, flour, and canned vegetables do have expiration dates. Taste and texture of items do change after a period of time even if they haven’t officially expired. When in doubt, throw it out! There is a difference between sell by date and expiration date. Always check sell by dates before purchasing at grocery store. The USDA has a guideline for food product dating that is a good reference.

Plants in your Home

Do you have decorative fake plants in your home? Real plants are a nice accent and are great as long as they look fresh, the dead leaves are stripped off, and you water them! Toss out the plants that don’t meet this criteria. Dust off the fake plants with fresh water spritzer and some air freshener.

Room by Room

Go into each room and toss out things you do not use. Clean off the counters in the bathroom and kitchen of unused items and store away. Tabletops should be free of clutter. Get the kids involved. If they received new toys or gadgets for Christmas, they can assist with choosing what items to keep stored in an appropriate place and which items they are ready to share with others permanently.

We live in your community and are ready to tackle any cleaning job you have. Give us a call to find out more. Although house cleaning is important, quality time with your family is the priority. We are here to make your life easier! So let us CLEAN 4 YOU!



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