Holiday Traditions

Family meals with extended family over the holidays are a large part of our memories. Sharing conversations with people you may have not seen since last Christmas or Easter happen during this time. 

What are some of the foods you traditionally serve on Christmas? Turkey and ham are huge favorites at our home, but growing up, tamales on Christmas Eve was what we ate before heading off to Christmas Eve Services. 

Everyone has their favorites and the mom or (grandma) generally knows what they are, and you will see them on the table. There is something about having your favorites served without having to tell anyone is the magic of family meals. As you know, most of the favorites are part of the “comfort food” category. Comfort food is food that provides a nostalgic or sentimental memory, often high in calories and something you ate since you were young. When adults face stressful conditions, they revert to the memorable comfort food to get an instant gratification. 

Holidays are about eating. We gather around a table and eat, sharing stories of yesterday. Our goal is to create additional time for you to spend with your family every day. Life just zooms by and who wants to spend it CLEANING? 

Enjoy your time with family. Nothing matters more than quality time. Meals are part of the entire experience. Enjoy the turkey, ham, potatoes, cranberries, fruit cake, pumpkin pie, dressing, and fudge. Holidays are made memorable by indulging in traditions, laughing, and knowing we have your back (of the sofa, the ceiling fan, the windowsills) before the family arrives, and after!

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It isn’t just about the DUST,
Invite someone in your home you can TRUST!

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