By now you are in full Christmas mode and are trying to keep it all together these next few weeks while enjoying all that the Holidays have to offer. Don’t stress! We can help!

Cleaning Before the Guests Arrive

Declutter by storing or donating all unnecessary items that you don’t use often. Your main items in your living space should be Christmas decorations, functional seating and of course, the tree. Remove the extra books laying around, the plant with dead leaves, bills, mail, and other eye sores.

The first thing your guests will see is the exterior of your home. Is it clutter free? What does your front door look like? Is it welcoming with a wreath? We all know first impressions are important.

Let’s start a short checklist for cleaning.

  • Dampen a cloth and clean baseboards
  • Deep clean bathrooms, and check the medicine cabinets for organization. Guests will possibly look in these areas
  • Clean out coat closet and add hangers for guests
  • Clean out refrigerator, stove, and
  • Clean ceiling fans

Hours Before the Guests

  • Wipe down bathroom counters, toilets, mirrors, and hang fresh hand towels
  • Wipe down kitchen counters
  • Empty all trash cans and put in fresh liners
  • Turn on all outdoor and indoor Christmas light decorations

Overnight Guests

If your guests are staying for a day or longer you may want to find out what dietary restrictions, they have and pick up some of their favorite snacks to make them feel welcome. Bath and Body Works, or your local CVS or Walgreens stores will have small toiletries you can set up in the guest bathroom for those forgotten essentials. Remember to add fresh towels and check the toilet paper every other day. Make sure to have clean sheets and an extra blanket available in the guest room.

These days everyone has a laptop and a cell phone. Have the WiFi password available on the night stand for their use while staying with you. Is there a clock in the room? A small alarm clock works fine.

Lastly put out some cinnamon sticks, bake some cookies and turn on the Christmas music. Falala….

For additional tips to prepare for the Holidays read our blog, Cleaning for the Holidays.


Merry Christmas!



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