Each day is truly a blessing. This year has been catastrophic to businesses, healthcare workers, schools, entertainment business, and has substantially hurt families.  Loss of income, loss of in person connections with families, and the constant worry about contacting COVID. It has been a stressful year!

But here we are in November after eight months of lock down, open businesses carefully, mask up, remember social distancing, and maybe seeing family if you practice safe protocols. Did we lose gratitude in the anger and aggravation of having to comply with new standards? Maybe.

Many by now many have had COVID and hopefully recovered. It is still in our presence and does not  seem to be ending by the end of 2020.  Gratitude is also still with us. What are your blessings? Our life can end at any time from illness or accident. Family (whether blood or friendship) is important for our survival mentally, spiritually, and ultimately affects our physical health.

Reach out to family and check in with them. It has been a tough year and they may need to hear from you. Gratitude for our income, even if minimized, is still income to pay for food, housing, and medical if necessary. Our local nonprofits have distributed so much food throughout the community it has set records. Most of the food is delivered without questions in the form of a drive-through service. Gratitude for our food to nourish us.

Did you know Habitat for Humanity in Conroe has a community with over 100 homes built by volunteers? The community of Cedar Creek has homes solely built by volunteers under the direction of a skilled contractor offering a safe place to make memories and call home for many families who qualify for assistance. It is not free. They do have a small mortgage and provide 350 hours of “sweat equity” to have their first wall raised. Gratitude for a safe place to call home.

What are you grateful for today? At We Clean 4 You our Cleaning Technicians are Our Family. We treat them with respect, dignity, and pay them substantially more than competitors so they in turn can provide an income to their families.

Every moment we breath is by the Grace of God. God bless you and your family now and going forward into the future. We Clean 4 You is thankful for every day we can change lives by providing more opportunity for families to spend time together.

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