Time to start thinking about Spring Cleaning!

As we move toward Spring and the warmer months, we want to regulate our comfort by turning up the air conditioner. But before you do that, check your air ducts. Many respiratory conditions and diseases are spread through poorly maintained air ducts. The Environmental Protection Agency suggests that cleaning your air ducts professionally every year will reduce health problems, especially if there is visible mold or dust buildup.

When your air conditioning runs every day in the summer, condensation is created. This condensation remains during the winter and may form mold that grows creating respiratory problems. After it builds up it collects dust that adds to the allergens. Since most air conditioners recirculate the air to save energy, the quality of air will be compromised. Air filters must be changed regularly to maintain the airflow. Clean air filters will stop the flow of allergen, pesticides, and other contaminants in the air.

Protect yourself from air contaminants:

  • opening your windows as much as possible to allow the fresh air to reduce the contaminants
  • change your unit’s air filters every 2 months
  • buy a new ac unit every 10 years to maximize efficiency
  • turn the unit off or up at night or when no one is home
  • use your exhaust fan when cooking


When the seasons change it’s a good idea to schedule a deep cleaning or do it yourself. Once that is done, the maintenance is done on a rotation by areas of the house. Start by organizing and de-cluttering before cleaning. Start off the task with a Spring Checklist to zip through the process!


Keep in mind that Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year. We are here to make your live easier, and enjoy more quality time with your family. Remember We Clean 4 You!


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