Fall is such a great time of year for those of us in the Greater Houston area! Cooler temperatures, festivals, and a time to prepare before the Holidays. Here are a few tips to get you motivated for the changing of the season.



  • Are your gutters clear of debris? Can water flow smoothly? If there are any granules in the gutter, your roof is losing some coating.
  • Clogged gutters can lead to interior water issues. Placing a mesh guard on gutters will help the flow of debris from leaves.



  • Check your shingles for cracks and damage from the summer storms.
  • Any repairs from leaks should be repaired now before they increase. Lots of rain this summer!



  • Have your HVAC tech check for leaks, heating efficiency and change the filters. It will be some time before the weather changes, but it’s better to be prepared now. The cooler weather is a busier time for the techs also, and pricing may increase. Off season promotions are a good time to have repairs.
  • Check to make sure your thermostat is set correctly. Lower the temperatures when not at home at the weather gets cooler to lower energy costs.


Prevent Fires!

  • Have you checked the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors? Test the batteries by pushing the button on the detectors.
  • Smoke detectors should be installed (and working!) in the kitchen, every bedroom, the living area, and each floor of your home.
  • Consider having a fire extinguisher on each floor of your home and especially in the kitchen. Check the pressure gauge to make sure it is charged. Any extinguisher over 6 years old should be replaced.



  • Birds tend to make nests in chimneys. Check for any blockages in the flue.
  • Exercise the damper to make sure it opens/closes properly.
  • Inspect your flue for a residue from burned wood called creosote. It is a flammable by product of burned wood that can cause a devastating fire.



  • Check your floodlights and walkways for good lighting before the time changes. You will come home and everything will be dark!
  • Install a motion detection flood light that will only come on when you need it most.



Time to open the windows and chill out! Enjoy the weather!



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