Whether you’ve had regular maid service or not there are a few things you may not know.

Your Estimate

This is based on what you tell us before the service. We will give you an estimate based on number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage of the home. Our fee is based also on services provided such as a deep clean versus a basic clean. This is the difference between dusting the surfaces and scrubbing the surfaces. We Clean 4 You will provide the lists and you can tailor the services to your needs by prioritizing what tasks to complete. Deep cleaning is generally provided by 2 or more maids for efficiency and faster service. Your fee is based on the detail of the service and the number of hours they spend at your home.

The estimate is based on the detailed information you provided about the size of the home, condition of the area to be cleaned, pets, and the time needed by the maids to do a thorough job. Give us specifics if you want something done that isn’t on either the deep clean or basic clean lists.

Cleaning Products

Do you want specific products used in your home for cleaning? We bring our own products unless you have a particular product you want us to use. If you only use organic products, please let us know during the initial consultation.

Extra Tasks

We can do other non-cleaning tasks if approved in the consultation. We have chased dogs down the street, helped with mailbox cleaning, and even been asked to clean outdoor kitchens & garages, but all additional tasks must be approved before the maid arrives at your home. Otherwise she may be calling us to get approval before implementing additional tasks. Please remember the maid is there to professionally clean your home as her priority. She will engage in brief dialogue but she may have another house to clean after yours.


It is so much easier to clean a home that has all the paperwork picked up and put in an appropriate place. Toys should be in correct room for storage, clothing placed in drawers or closets, and food put away in kitchen. We Clean 4 You maids want to vacuum, scrub, wash floors, clean ovens, and dust. Organizing your personal items falls into the Extra Tasks. Need assistance with ways to organize your home? Check out our blog on 5 Home Organization Tips You Can’t Live

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Satisfaction is Our Goal

Our goal is to make you completely happy with our service and be a repeat customer. It’s all about having more time to do the things you would rather do, like spending time with your family! If we miss a spot, please call and let us know. Our maids are loyal, work hard to please you, and would love to be on your regular schedule. We make every effort to have the same maid come to your home each time. If you’re pleased with their service they would love to hear it from you via a Facebook Review, a post it note in the house, or an email sent to [email protected].



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