Yeah, summertime! Schedules are a little more lenient, excitement in the air, and quite often a messier home. What can you do to keep some sort of maintenance and order to the relaxed household? Put some guidelines in place prior to school letting out. The guidelines must be followed everyday with 100% participation by all of the family. Dad too!

Do the kids take off their shoes when they come in the house from playing outside? Do you try to throw a load of clothes in the wash daily? Try to do a quick inspection of the home every evening with an “assistant”. Designate one child to be the lead assistant weekly or daily to walk through and point out possible quick fixes before bed. It could be a competitive challenge between kids with a small reward for passing inspection!

 Whether you work all day away from home or are at home for school-age kids, you need guidelines to eliminate chaos before it happens in your home. School-age kids can make their beds every day and straighten up the room before bed. At the end of the day, they need to take all personal items to their proper places.

Kids will get bored without activities. If you live in a subdivision there may be planned activities for kids, a pool, or local community events. Add those events to a calendar for planning ahead. Volunteers are needed at the animal shelters, Meals on Wheels, and at most nonprofits. Often parents can volunteer with their school-age kids at many places.

The Montgomery County Memorial Library System has a reading program for every age including adults, volunteering opportunities, ebooks, and special programs all summer long without any fees! Your tax dollars pay for this service, use it!

 Biking, swimming, and even bug collecting can be scheduled events to add to the calendar. Once a week take a field trip outside the area to somewhere new.

 The kids may enjoy eating outside for lunch to alleviate cleanups of crumbs. Snack foods can include precut veggies and fruit, nuts, and tortilla roll-ups. Turn on the water hose and get kids involved in watering plants, trees, and themselves after a lunch.

Most kids are able to take on a weekly small task to assist in the kitchen before or after meals, to maintain bathrooms, or dusting throughout house. By changing up the chores, it may keep their interest up longer than if they did the same chore every week.

Tackle one major project each month with assistance from everyone in the family. Do you have clutter in a closet, a bedroom, or garage? Tips for de-cluttering and organizing are available here.

Get prepared for a hurricane or other weather now. Our area has had a lot of rain and can re-occur any time.  Hurricane preparedness list


Have a great summer!

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