We know Fall is coming although we don’t feel it yet. Friday Night Lights, Saturday College Games, Sunday NFL, and who can forget Monday Night Football? The stores have removed the Back-to-School items and replaced the shelves with Fall and Halloween décor. And the love-bugs are back!

Fall is a time of transition from summer fun and vacations to getting back into school schedules or extracurricular activities postponed during the summer break. Fall is when you start thinking about the Holidays, family, and preparing the home for guests. Of course, cooler weather would be deeply appreciated.

September 22 is the official day of the Fall Equinox. The equinox occurs when the sun is halfway between both North and South Poles, bringing both equal amounts of daylight and night darkness. This only occurs twice a year in September and in March for the Spring Equinox. After the first day of Fall, the daylight will begin to be shorter.

Autumn even sounds cool. Cool and sophisticated. Like something different is about to happen. We get excited to see the leaves fall from the trees and the orange, rust, brown colors used to decorate our home. It just makes us happy and energized.

Fall is when homes really need a Deep Clean. If you haven’t had your home cleaned professionally in some time this is the first step of maintaining a home with regular bi-weekly cleanings. Starting out with a deep cleaning ensures that every nook, cranny, and detail in your home is perfectly cleaned to set a foundation for the basic cleaning. We Clean 4 You will send out 2 maids with each deep cleaning to be efficient and save time.

Schedule a deep clean before setting up all Fall decorations in the home. Starting with the living and sleeping areas, every door frame, windowsill, and ledge is hand wiped. Every décor item is picked up and hand cleaned. Baseboards are hand wiped and then all furniture, carpet, and rugs are vacuumed thoroughly. The maids will clean the range hood, the drip pans on the range, your large appliances, including the oven if requested. Every door, door frame, and cabinets are hand wiped of any dirt or residue. Even the blinds are hand wiped! Of course, the floors are given special attention too.

The bathroom will have a windowsill, door frames, door, and cabinets wiped down. Soap scum and hard water deposits collect on tiles, grout, and shower door that are immaculately scrubbed. All faucets, sinks, toilets, and drains will be sparkling clean and fresh.


Now you are ready to add the pumpkins and scarecrows. It might be helpful to get a simmer pot on your stove with cinnamon sticks and cloves. Add dried orange slices and relax with a cup of coffee as you dream of Fall!


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