Maid service originated in the Middle Ages and was often used to identify young, unmarried women or “maidens”. Most domestic house help were not allowed to marry and gave their life to serving. This is where we get the term “old maid” for those women that never marry. Maids were kept in large estates and generally not paid a salary, but provided room, food, and clothing so that their employers could maintain their social status by not doing any of the menial tasks themselves. This included raising their children, yard work, and the cooking.

Ranks existed within the maid service. The top level managed the estate and was known as the Housekeeper. Below that was the Lady’s Maid, parlor maids, chamber maids, laundry maids, Nannies, and the lowest level was the cook. This system is mostly extinct except in very high society or with people that own several large estate homes and need someone to manage the day/day functions. Generally, the only live-in staff are those that also take care of children.

Women in the 1950’s wore house dresses to look elegant, but simple enough to be able to move around in comfort while changing sheets, tending to children or fixing dinner. Should they need to leave the home to run errands or grocery shop, the dress was suitable enough that by adding jewelry or a sweater you looked fashionable and not like a servant. Women were housewives and most women did not work outside the home.

An apron was an essential part of every housewife. You must have the look of slaving away cooking diner in a pretty dress with an accompanying pretty apron. It was common for women to have a drawer of aprons for every occasion and holiday. Aprons evolved from full bib to half size tied at the waist and covering the length of the skirt to plastic (easy to clean), and party aprons with ruffles-only worn to serve food over a party dress.

Today most families have both parents working, raising their kids, participating in school activities, and other community events. Time is your most precious asset. The demand for household cleaning bi-weekly is increasing. Families want their time back! And ironically as the demand increases, the cost for maid services has not.

Maid services employ women that must supplement their family while earning a living. A lot of cleaning companies do not pay a decent wage to their maids making it difficult to live above the poverty line. Not true with We Clean 4 You. Our maids are paid above the norm for maid service. We have several maids that have been with us for 4 years and actually LOVE IT! Read more about our maids. And our maids wear aprons to hold their tools!

We started the cleaning business 4 years ago to assist ladies with a reputable job to help them achieve financial goals and to allow families the opportunity to spend more time together. Give us a call and take back your Family Time!


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