It seems like its been a long winter. Are you ready for warmer temperatures? As the chilly days continue, we start looking forward to the shining sun, flowers, and the warmer days. March 21 is the actual first day of Spring, but you can start organizing now for the annual Spring Cleaning.

Why Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is the act of thoroughly cleaning a house after a winter that has kept you inside. When the chill seems to subside, the sun comes out, and we tend to want to open the shades. When the windows are revealed we can see the accumulated debris and smudges on the glass, the dust around the home, and clutter that has accumulated through time.

It is almost enjoyable to have the sense of cleanliness and organization from a job complete, especially when you spend so much time in one of your greatest assets-your home! It’s a great time to disinfect, thoroughly clean carpets, floors, windows, and bathroom tile surfaces. To make the task manageable we have designed a checklist to assist with the chore and make more manageable. We recommend one project a day for a period of time. Too much all at once and the job is a burden.


Remove drapes and throw in dryer cycle for fluff with a wet wash cloth. Re-hang immediately. Clean blinds by filling a small bowl with a mixture of one-part vinegar and one-part water, and then use a clean sock or microfiber cloth to dip in the bowl. Clean both sides. This will take a lot of time. Tackle this project as a stand-alone for one day.


This is the time to thoroughly clean the carpets with a professional steam cleaner yourself or have someone do it for you. Don’t use soap-based chemicals on hardwood floors. Not sure how your floor is sealed? Run your finger on floor. If no smudge appears the floor is sealed and mopping with water is all that is necessary. If a smudge appears, the floor has been treated with a seal of oil finish or lacquer, or not treated at all. Pamper with liquid or paste wax. Waxing the floor will protect them from spills and increase longevity. Need a carpet cleaner? We partner with a professional. Ask us.


Hand wipe the window sills, door frames, cabinets, and doors. Scrub down hard water deposits on sinks, faucets, shower door, and tile. Tile may need to be re-sealed with a small foam brush. This is also a one-day project. Don’t tackle too much at once.


Move refrigerator and clean coils behind it. Follow our step by step cleaning guide for refrigerators. Oven cleaning is often neglected, but next on the list. Remove racks, soak in sink, and then scrub clean. While racks are soaking, scrub down walls of oven. Do your sinks have lime build up? Spray vinegar on surface and let soak before scrubbing. Add half cup of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar down disposal. After sitting for 10 minutes add hot water down sink. This will eliminate odors and unclog any food particles left in drain-without a plumber. Touch up surface of stove and faucets with a toothbrush to remove items in hard to reach places.

Finishing Touches

Dust everything in the home. Remove books, knick-knacks, pictures on walls, ceiling fans, baseboards, doorways and cabinets. To clean ceiling fans, put a sheet on floor to catch the dust. Vacuum after you’ve dusted. Baking soda, vinegar, and water are great cleaning products that work effectively. Clean down upholstered furniture with a wet cloth or the vacuum nozzle.


We are here to assist with tips for deep cleaning your home. Download our Spring Cleaning Checklist.



Need assistance? Give us a call and we will schedule an appointment convenient for you.


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