Do you wish you knew some clever tips for cleaning smudges from doors, walls, and appliances? We use many different products but here are some of our favorite smudge be gone remedies:

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

This rectangular cleaning item has been in existence for over 10 years and is used to remove crayons from walls, smudges on doors, microwave stains, and tough marks even on the bottom of your athletic shoes! Made of melamine foam it acts like a fine sandpaper on stains. Used wet, it eliminates marks like a wet paper towel, only more effective. Use it in the bathroom to remove soap scum, clean faucets, wipe down fiberglass shower doors, and remove muck in the shower. Kitchen counters, ovens, and tough food laden pans can be cleaned with your Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. The abrasive foam loosens up dirt to trap it in the foam. It can even be used in the laundry room to remove stains from clothing. Don’t use it on your vehicle. It will scratch the paint and ruin the finish.

Pumice Stone

Remove mineral deposit stains in toilets quickly with a pumice stone. Available at Home Depot or Lowe’s, you will love the abrasive quality of the stone to clean stubborn food grime from your oven or remove pet hair from furniture and hard to get to places in the back seat of your vehicle. Do have sweaters that are pilling? Rub the pumice stone over the pilling balls while removing lint. Amazing!

The volcanic rock holes in a pumice stone can be used as an air diffuser. Pour your favorite essential oil into holes and capture the fragrance. Leave the stone in a closet or place that needs odor enhancing. Add more oil as needed to keep the fragrance strong.

Olive Oil

Olive oil can we used to enhance shine and eliminate fingerprints on stainless steel appliances. Wipe down first with a wet cloth dabbed in vinegar. Use olive oil on your leather furniture to repair scratches or revitalize the luster to worn out seating. Condition your wood kitchen cabinets and other wood furniture with a little olive oil mixed with lemon juice. Cast iron pans can be restored with olive oil too.

Dryer Sheets

Besides using dryer sheets to eliminate static cling, these handy laundry staples can be used to clean blinds, wipe down televisions, remove hard water stains on shower doors, polish chrome fixtures, and reduce dust on baseboards. Dampen a dryer sheet to easily remove dust from a ceiling fan. Did you know layering dryer sheets in a water-filled pan overnight will lift the stuck-on food? Try it!


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