Fall is such a great time of year with cooler weather, festivals, and an opportunity to go outside and enjoy the weather. As we all know, time goes by quickly in these last few months of the year. September is a time of renewal and preparing for the holidays to come.

We all have those areas we need to clean out: pantries, closets, garages, or junk drawers. Do you have a room designated for junk? Try to take an hour each week to clean up one area that seems to collect things.

Kitchen and Pantry

Check to see all products in your pantry are properly sealed and still useable. There is a tendency to collect items we don’t really need, or use. Is your pantry organized by product to find items easily? Canned food has sell by dates or “best if used by” dates on it. Add 2 years to the date unless its infant formula.  When in doubt check the USDA recommendations. Do you have food that you don’t ever use? The local food bank will gladly accept any food donations to distribute to pantries. They are always in need of soups, Chef Boyardee meat products, Vienna sausage, peanut butter, ramen noodles, and macaroni and cheese products.

An hour of organization devoted to your pantry can save time and money when grocery shopping, planning meals, and allocating space for holiday foods.

Do you have a junk drawer that stores extra ties, keys, scissors, and other items you “may” need in the future but never do? Go through the drawer and add plastic storage dividers to organize what you have in the drawer. Now is a good time to get rid of the old pot holders and dish towels that you are ready to retire.


We tend to get excited when we see the weather change. It’s not time for sweaters and jackets quite yet, but it may be time to store some of the tired summer clothing in a tote or give it away. If you haven’t worn an item in over a year it may be time to donate to a local charity. Do you have items that are regularly on the floor? Set up totes or baskets for accessories. Sandals and athletic shoes can be stored in bins for easy access. Dress shoes might be displayed in either in racks, shoe boxes, or on shelving in closet. Closet organization is key to looking and feeling good each day when you get ready to conquer the day!


The garage is an opportunity to utilize your storage space effectively. Storage bins are an efficient way to store sporting and recreational items. Shelving on walls or overhead on ceiling can free up space for vehicles to park in garages. Label the storage bins and reduce the clutter by getting rid of items you don’t use. Holiday décor could be stored in attic to free up space. For a few ideas about garage storage look at Family Handyman.

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