Floors get dirty in your home, no matter what they have on the surface-carpet, tile, laminate, or hardwood-people walk on them and they get dirty. Maintenance is key on a weekly basis, and the major clean up can be done monthly or less.

Daily Maintenance

Let’s start with laminate and vinyl flooring. Dry mop or vacuum the surface on the tile setting, versus carpet setting. You do not want the mop too wet since water could damage the laminate and allow it to peel up. Use a mild solution of vinegar/water or a mild detergent.

Regular daily vacuuming of carpet will allow the pile to look nice for a longer period and maintain the life of the carpet. Deodorize your carpet with baking soda or a product that eliminates odors.

Tile takes a little extra effort to maintain a clean look. Investing in a steam cleaner will deodorize removing bacteria without the knee bearing activities of cleaning each area one section at a time with a solution of vinegar/dish soap/water in a spray bottle. Sweep daily to maintain the surface of the tile.

Hardwood is probably the most difficult floor surface to keep clean. Start by daily sweeping, followed by a weekly wet mop in high traffic areas. Do not use any soap based products on your flooring. Newer hardwood floors have a sealant such as polyurethane that prevents the waxing of floors on your hands and knees.

Do you have cement or natural stone flooring? Leave the vinegar out and use a solution of warm water and a neutral mild cleanser. Do not get floors overly wet. For stubborn stains use a steam cleaner.

Monthly Cleaning

The more you clean your flooring, the longer it will last. Investing in a steam clean or carpet cleaner will keep your high traffic areas of your home looking like you have a maid service daily!

Prevention Tips

Use floor mats to wipe shoes. Many people take off their shoes in their home to avoid tracking in extra dirt, bacteria, and debris. Avoid high heel shoes on any floor surface. Wipe up spots immediately as they happen. Avoid using harsh cleaning solutions, steel wool pads, and cleaning tools with metal.

Clean often to avoid dirt build up!


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