Every time you walk inside your home with your shoes on you let off a little remnant of where you have walked. You have probably walked into public restrooms while at work with is a cesspool of bacteria. Consequently, your carpet may have debris, bacteria, E coli, grime, dog hair, or other contaminants wedged into the fibers.

Very first reason for regular vacuuming and cleaning of carpet is your health. 75% of people admit to walking on carpet with their shoes. The allergens left behind on the carpet have been documented to increase respiratory infections, problems with sleep apnea, and flu like symptoms. Mold spores hide deep in carpet fibers and can cause asthma in young children. The average child spends 90% of their time indoors. Do you really want them on dirty carpet?

Did you know that carpets have been found to have 4000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat? Yikes!

Protect your investment. Vacuuming should be a part of your weekly maintenance. Twice a week vacuuming is suggested to lower the airborne particles in your home. We recommend a deep cleaning of your carpets either professionally or with a rented carpet cleaning machine once a year. A good steam cleaning can reduce 98% of the allergens in your home.

No vacuum? Sweep carpet with a broom, then use a lint brush over all carpet areas to remove debris.

Remove stains when they occur quickly by spraying vinegar on stain, then wipe away with wet cloth. For deeper stains saturate with vinegar and sprinkle baking soda. Vacuum when dry.

Your carpet is an investment. Keep it looking and smelling fresh with sprinkles of baking soda. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then vacuum to eliminate pet odors. Don’t use carpet powders-they leave a residue that can be absorbed into your carpet damaging it over time.

Be wary of deep discounts from carpet cleaning businesses. You get what you pay for and quality matters when protecting your investment. Fast and sloppy are not acceptable. Read reviews before having someone come to you home. Tips for allowing people in your home from We Clean 4 You.


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