Do you need a surge protector?

Christmas is a time we have many electrical devices- tree lights, inside décor, outside lights, outside décor, and cooking appliances. We probably use more electrical outlets in December than any other time. The possible cooler temperatures may add a space heater too. Surge protectors are an inexpensive way to protect all your electrical devices in [...]

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Clean Carpet-Healthy Family!

Every time you walk inside your home with your shoes on you let off a little remnant of where you have walked. You have probably walked into public restrooms while at work with is a cesspool of bacteria. Consequently, your carpet may have debris, bacteria, E coli, grime, dog hair, or other contaminants wedged into [...]

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What Makes a Good Maid Great?

There are many cleaning services to choose from to get your home clean, but why would you choose one service provider over another? What are some of the reasons you would let someone into your home to clean it? Our maids are the best in the county because they all carry similar traits. You can’t [...]

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Mother’s Day-Honor Mom!

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year that most people set time aside to honor their mother, grandmother, or wives with something out of the ordinary to make them feel extraordinary and honored. But it wasn’t until 1873 that Mother’s Day was accepted in the United States, thanks to Julia Ward Howe who [...]

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Easter and Family Traditions

Many rituals and traditions are associated with the celebration of Easter. Whether it is an Easter egg hunt, decoration of eggs, a church service, or a family meal most of us part-take in activities that mark the event as a time for reflection, celebration, and above all engagement with family. Family rituals are important and [...]

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New Year-New Organization!

  Happy chaos is a way to define the After Holidays clean up. You create memories that last a lifetime, but now is the time to move forward with organizing and downsizing. Downsize How much of your Christmas décor did you use? Are there bins that you just keep hanging onto every year without using [...]

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Winterizing and Preventing Floods in Home

In the Greater Houston area, we don’t get concerned about freezing weather too often, but it’s better to be prepared and knowledgeable before any sudden change in weather. Pipes can freeze if unprotected from insulation in below freezing temperature for an extended period of time. When that happens your pipes will burst and water will [...]

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It’s Turkey Time!

How often do you prepare a full turkey with all the fixings? Probably only for big holidays-Thanksgiving being the most often. It takes preparation, cooking time, and then it feeds a lot of people, so you are most likely to cook a turkey when you expect several mouths to feed. Last year we gave you [...]

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What to Clean Before the Guests Come!

It’s that time of year! The family is coming! Get ready by cleaning and preparing your home before they get there so you can enjoy your visit…stress-free. And it won’t require anything that you can’t manage if you start preparing now.   Clutter This is the first thing anyone coming into your home sees. Do [...]

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Organization After Christmas

Organization After Christmas You made it through the Holidays and it’s time to take down the outside lights and store the Christmas tree. When you put up the Christmas decorations it’s excitement with hopes of the season to come. Taking it down and storing it away for next year doesn’t seem to have the same [...]

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