It’s Turkey Time!

How often do you prepare a full turkey with all the fixings? Probably only for big holidays-Thanksgiving being the most often. It takes preparation, cooking time, and then it feeds a lot of people, so you are most likely to cook a turkey when you expect several mouths to feed. Last year we gave you [...]

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What to Clean Before the Guests Come!

It’s that time of year! The family is coming! Get ready by cleaning and preparing your home before they get there so you can enjoy your visit…stress-free. And it won’t require anything that you can’t manage if you start preparing now.   Clutter This is the first thing anyone coming into your home sees. Do [...]

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Organization After Christmas

Organization After Christmas You made it through the Holidays and it’s time to take down the outside lights and store the Christmas tree. When you put up the Christmas decorations it’s excitement with hopes of the season to come. Taking it down and storing it away for next year doesn’t seem to have the same [...]

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Guests for the Holidays

By now you are in full Christmas mode and are trying to keep it all together these next few weeks while enjoying all that the Holidays have to offer. Don’t stress! We can help! Cleaning Before the Guests Arrive Declutter by storing or donating all unnecessary items that you don’t use often. Your main items [...]

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Preparing the Holiday Turkey

Turkey is traditionally the main entrée for many holiday gatherings-Thanksgiving, Christmas, and sometimes even Easter. Whether its your first time to serve the turkey or you’ve done it many times, we can always learn a few new tricks to making the turkey the “belle of the ball”. When to Purchase and Thaw Buy your turkey [...]

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Cleaning house before fall decorations

Football Season, pumpkin everything, festivals, fall foliage, and Halloween-all things we love about Fall. Cooler weather would be nice and welcome to stay for a while. We also are a little more motivated to clean and get ready for the season of decorating our homes for the Holidays. By the time August comes we are [...]

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Home Cleaning for the Holidays

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and House-Cleaning, Oh My! Don’t panic! You know that right after Halloween, the Holidays are right around the corner. Yes, that close! But it’s like running a marathon, one mile at a time (room at a time) will get you to the finish line to receive guests with a smile on your face. [...]

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