Evolution of Maid Service

Maid service originated in the Middle Ages and was often used to identify young, unmarried women or “maidens”. Most domestic house help were not allowed to marry and gave their life to serving. This is where we get the term “old maid” for those women that never marry. Maids were kept in large estates and [...]

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Conquering Mold in the Home

We live in the Greater Houston area, in humid conditions where mold loves to live in both indoor and outdoor environments. Have you noticed any sudden allergic reactions or constant colds with you or family members? Do you notice a strong musty odor in your home? If you notice constant sneezing, a runny nose, red [...]

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Does your home smell good?

Ideas to give your home a fresh scent! When someone walks into your home they can immediately smell cookies baking, dinner on the stove, or the dogs, the sweaty running shoes, and the kitchen trash. Fresh scents are an immediate pleasant way to greet guests and family into your home. Natural scents and aromatherapy trigger [...]

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Removing the Clutter – Cleaning Made Easy!

It is so easy to collect things you don’t need in your home. Less clutter-easier to clean also! There is probably excess mail, books, magazines, clothing, and even furniture you don’t and haven’t used in a period of time. Even food in your pantry thatyou won’t use! So let’s start by going room to room to [...]

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Back to School – Clean Routines

The back to school transition can be like a new season in and of itself. The transition usually brings its own wave of clothes, supplies, equipment, and the high possibility of clutter into your home. Granted, your home may already be in a bit of summer disarray, so take this transitional opportunity to tidy your [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Manage Dirt in High Traffic Homes

It’s happened to all of us—you enter your home and pause by the door to take off your sunglasses, set down your bags, or unleash the dog…and you see it: Dirt. The most aggravating part is that you constantly sweep and vacuum to manage the mess, but it always comes back. Dirt in our homes [...]

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Unexpected Cleaning Solutions for the Resourceful Homeowner

Whether you forgot to restock the cleaning supplies or you’re simply a fan of DIY cleaning hacks, these solutions will bring out your resourcefulness and make the most of supplies you already have on hand. Tried and True   Chalk Store chalk with your silver items to absorb moisture and discourage tarnish. Concerned about chalk [...]

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Are You Cleaning with Lemon? You Should be…

Did you know you already have a secret grime-fighting weapon in your kitchen?—that’s right, lemon! Lemons are natural, they combat germs and smell fantastic; they’re low-cost, easy to use, and safe for your family and pets too. Not to mention that lemons are already a kitchen staple, which makes them a convenient choice (and who [...]

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5 Home Organization Tips You Can’t Live Without

For mothers who work from home, it seems that they would have the whole house-cleaning-thing down to a T.  Truth is though, many of them notice that the more time they spend at home, the messier it becomes.  Fortunately, there are few tricks you can follow to help keep the home nice and tidy.  Here's [...]

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Cleaning the Baseboards: A Few Tips From Personal Experience

As a child, I always remember growing up in new homes.  We would live in each of them for no longer than two years, and as we were living in one, my father would build another and then sell the one we were living in so that we could move into the new house. Although [...]

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