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Deep Cleaning Makes a Difference!

Have you ever had maid service at your home? It’s a good idea to start with a deep cleaning on priority areas before you get into the twice a month regular maintenance cleaning. Starting out with a deep cleaning ensures that every nook, cranny, and detail in your home is perfectly cleaned to set a [...]

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Cleaning Floors Made Easy

Floors get dirty in your home, no matter what they have on the surface-carpet, tile, laminate, or hardwood-people walk on them and they get dirty. Maintenance is key on a weekly basis, and the major clean up can be done monthly or less. Daily Maintenance Let’s start with laminate and vinyl flooring. Dry mop or [...]

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About Our Maids

As of January 2017 We Clean 4 You has upgraded many of their hiring and training processes. If we want to offer the BEST maid service to the community it is important that all are maids adhere to strict certification qualifications, a specific training program with written reviews and they must use standardized equipment and [...]

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Allergies in the Home

Allergy season is upon us in Houston. There are some things you can do to breathe easier even though the pollen is all around us. They are not scientifically proven, but worth trying if it brings relief and comfort to you and your family. Don’t make the bed Dust mites form off dead skin while [...]

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Removing Allergens in the Home

Time to start thinking about Spring Cleaning! As we move toward Spring and the warmer months, we want to regulate our comfort by turning up the air conditioner. But before you do that, check your air ducts. Many respiratory conditions and diseases are spread through poorly maintained air ducts. The Environmental Protection Agency suggests that [...]

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Getting your home ready for the Maid

Whether you’ve had regular maid service or not there are a few things you may not know. Your Estimate This is based on what you tell us before the service. We will give you an estimate based on number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage of the home. Our fee is based also on services [...]

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Biggest Challenge in a Business

Biggest Challenge in a Business? Staffing! Our business is a service oriented organization. What that means is that our biggest resource is our people. Without our “staff” we have no business. Do we treat the staff as if they are our most valuable resource? We do our best every day to check in with our [...]

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Summer with the Kids at Home!

Summer with the Kids at Home! Yeah, summertime! Schedules are a little more lenient, excitement in the air, and quite often a messier home. What can you do to keep some sort of maintenance and order to the relaxed household? Put some guidelines in place before Day 1 starts. That probably means now before school [...]

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We Clean 4 You and We Clean For A Reason

My Work Day Experience It was my first clean. Not just for Cleaning for a Reason, but for any client. I was a bit nervous as I met Rebecca at the house to “help out”. It was our second time at the home of this woman, who quite simply was battling for her life. She had [...]

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Teens and Bedrooms

Bugs, Dishes, and other Fungi When the kids are young it is fun to make a game of cleaning up their rooms. You can sit on the floor with them and they will be excited to play with you while organizing their room. As they get older (12 years to 16 years of age), the [...]

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