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Evolution of Maid Service

Maid service originated in the Middle Ages and was often used to identify young, unmarried women or “maidens”. Most domestic house help were not allowed to marry and gave their life to serving. This is where we get the term “old maid” for those women that never marry. Maids were kept in large estates and [...]

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Easter and Family Traditions

Many rituals and traditions are associated with the celebration of Easter. Whether it is an Easter egg hunt, decoration of eggs, a church service, or a family meal most of us part-take in activities that mark the event as a time for reflection, celebration, and above all engagement with family. Family rituals are important and [...]

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Cleaning for Families

We started the cleaning business 4 years ago to assist ladies with a reputable job to help them achieve financial goals and to allow families the opportunity to spend more time together. What is the one thing you can never take back? Your precious time is valuable. Our kids grow up way too fast. We [...]

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Is a clean home relative to a healthy life?

There is some evidence that having a clean organized home reduces stress and increases your mental well-being. Think about it, don’t you sleep better when you change the sheets? As you relax, you become more comfortable. Therefore, your sleep is more restful. As humans we crave things to be logical and have some sort of [...]

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Easy Spring Cleaning-Wipe Winter Away!

It seems like its been a long winter. Are you ready for warmer temperatures? As the chilly days continue, we start looking forward to the shining sun, flowers, and the warmer days. March 21 is the actual first day of Spring, but you can start organizing now for the annual Spring Cleaning. Why Spring Cleaning [...]

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Hosting a Super Bowl Party

If you are hosting a party the most important thing is that everyone has a good time and is relaxed. A Super Bowl party is a great way to bring people together at your home. Guest List and Space The guests to invite and your available space is the first priority. Will the party be [...]

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Innovations in Cleaning for 2018

  We are always looking for the fastest best ways to do routine chores-like housecleaning. But are they really effective? We are taking a look at some new products. Vacuuming The iRobot can schedule the vacuum cleaning through an app on your phone. You must pick up all obstacles and cords before utilizing the device. [...]

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It’s Turkey Time!

How often do you prepare a full turkey with all the fixings? Probably only for big holidays-Thanksgiving being the most often. It takes preparation, cooking time, and then it feeds a lot of people, so you are most likely to cook a turkey when you expect several mouths to feed. Last year we gave you [...]

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What to Clean Before the Guests Come!

It’s that time of year! The family is coming! Get ready by cleaning and preparing your home before they get there so you can enjoy your visit…stress-free. And it won’t require anything that you can’t manage if you start preparing now.   Clutter This is the first thing anyone coming into your home sees. Do [...]

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Family Holidays-Get Ready!

November is one of the best times of the year in the Greater Houston area. We love the weather, the lower humidity, and of course, Thanksgiving! But often the stress of the upcoming holidays, family preferences for particular foods, shopping, and even the conversation leaves many of us a little anxious. Family relationships are complicated [...]

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