Summer is over! The signs are all around you-commercials, Back to School Drives, school supplies in all the grocery stores, department stores, and crowds of people. Yes, the rush is on to get prepared and organized for the start of the school year. Time to plan for activities, new schedule demands and oh, yes-the normal household activities such as meals, cleaning, and maybe a full time job.

So how do you stay on target with all that is about to happen?

Sleep Schedules
Get the kids to bed on time. Start setting the standard now so they will be in a routine when school starts. Sleep patterns have to be practiced and it takes 2 weeks to get into a sleep routine that won’t make you groggy. Enforce both weekday and weekend bedtimes. Avoid sugary snacks and caffeine before bedtime.

Reduce Anxiety
Attend the “meet the teacher” events before school starts. Make sure your child is confident where the classroom is, the restrooms, and where the bus will meet them when school lets out. Let your student pick out their own pencils, notebook, backpack and items to eat for lunch. Be sure and talk with your child about any worries they have about the start of the new school year.

Go over Schedules Weekly
Afterschool sports, clubs, and even day care pick-ups are important to put on calendar. Start a family calendar and post big in kitchen or other family area. Designate who will be responsible for pick-up of children for activities. The visual will enhance commitment and accountability.

Is there a designated time and place for homework? Consider using an egg timer to clock time spent on homework before a scheduled break for meals, play, and family time.

Plan the Night Before
Have your children set out their clothes nightly with their school bags ready. Eliminate the morning rush to decide what to wear and where all their items for school are hiding in the house. Some parents put tags on hangers designating what outfit for each day of the week for younger children.

Are you ready?
In the beginning week set time aside before bed to share information with your child about their day. What you do now may set precedence for the school year. Lastly, make sure you go over all expectations before school begins.

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