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Summertime Bugs!

It is summer. Summer brings heat and bugs. The torrential rains in the Spring have brought more flies and mosquitos than we have seen in the past few summers. More than 11 inches of rain fell in our area without a tropical storm. That comes right after the epic storm we encountered in February. The [...]

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Keeping the Home Clean during Summer Months

What areas of your home are the hardest to keep clean in the summer with the kids at home? Does it seem never-ending? Try laying out some ground rules. Take shoes off before entering house Make your bed everyday Pick up your clutter everyday and put in appropriate place Run dishwasher every night. Have each [...]

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Increase your Quality of Life

We do not realize how much time we waste until it slips away. As a young parent it is often difficult to juggle your child’s needs, work outside of home, and time for yourself. It does not get easier as children get older and involved with outside activities in youth sports, special interests, and spending [...]

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We Hire Great Cleaning Professionals

Our cleaning technicians are the best in the community. Yes, we are bragging, and we truly mean it. We guarantee a quality clean from everyone on our staff when they are in someone else’s home. All staff adhere to strict certification qualifications, a specific training program with written reviews and they use standardized equipment and [...]

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Moms love Maid Service!

Since 1910, Mother’s Day is celebrated the 2nd Sunday in May as a day to honor mothers, grandmothers, or wives with something out of the ordinary to make them feel extraordinary and honored. How will you honor your mom to let her know she is special every day? Being a mom is harder than it [...]

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Moving to a new Home-We can clean the old and new home!

Homes are selling FAST right now with interest rates at the lowest they have ever been in history. We want to make the process of leaving your home or purchasing a new home less frantic so you can focus on the important details. Moving into a new home regardless of whether it is your dream [...]

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Pollen and Launch of Spring “From cold weather to green pollen everywhere!”

Early mornings are still in the 40’s with afternoon temperatures just below 70 with green dust sprinkled everywhere outside show us that the Spring season is on the way. With pollen season comes the allergies. Many people are very susceptible to all the triggers with runny nose, sneezing, and congestion. Some may think it is [...]

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Goodbye Winter-Hello Spring!

Who is ready for Spring, the end to the pandemic, and a brighter future? Probably all of us! Spring cleaning is a term often used to “weed out” and organize your home to get rid of the clutter and wipe down every surface in your home to invite Spring in. During the 1800’s homes were [...]

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Best reasons to have your home Professionally Cleaned

If you have never had your home professionally cleaned, you may wonder why you should do it now. Cleaning services vary in pricing, services rendered, geographical area serviced, and above all, business ethics. The biggest question is always “how much will it cost?” Professional cleaning technicians are a lot less expensive than you would think. [...]

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