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Thanksgiving, Christmas, and House-Cleaning, Oh My!

Don’t panic! You know that right after Halloween, the Holidays are right around the corner. Yes, that close! But it’s like running a marathon, one mile at a time (room at a time) will get you to the finish line to receive guests with a smile on your face. Never let them see you sweat [...]

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Cleaning Services: The Realtor’s Advocate

Cleaning services and realtors have the same goal in mind—genuine client knowledge and satisfaction. It is a realtor’s responsibility to develop an understanding of their clients’ needs and desires in a new home. A cleaning service has a similar purpose: to develop an understanding of the clients’ needs and desires for a clean and well-maintained [...]

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3 Secrets of Pre-Party Cleaning that Everyone Misses

Ah, summertime…tis the season for bridal showers and BBQ get-togethers, but is your home party-ready? Most of us tidy up before a big soiree, and some may even deep clean in anticipation of guests in their home, but many hosts overlook the details that guests see the most. Never fear—tips are here! Here’s a few [...]

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3 Tips for Cleaning Your Grill the Right Way

Our homes extend into the outdoors as summer arrives and we head out to fire up the grill. So before you roll up your sleeves to dig into your juicy, grilled fare, roll up your sleeves and serve up some elbow grease to give your outdoor grill some much-needed TLC. Why You Should Clean Your [...]

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5 Home Organization Tips You Can’t Live Without

For mothers who work from home, it seems that they would have the whole house-cleaning-thing down to a T.  Truth is though, many of them notice that the more time they spend at home, the messier it becomes.  Fortunately, there are few tricks you can follow to help keep the home nice and tidy.  Here's [...]

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How to Keep Your Home Clean During a Remodel

There are two basic reasons for remodeling a home -- either it’s in need of a remodel or you simply want to alter the layout to better accommodate your preferences.  No matter your reason for doing a remodel, though, you can rest assured that things are going to get messy. The good news, however, is [...]

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3 Ultimate Deep-Clean Tips for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should feel like a sanctuary.  A place where you can relax, rest and hear yourself think.  It's usually best to keep your furniture simple in this room, and most importantly, to keep it clean.  Keeping things tidy will involve you vacuuming the room two to three times a week, dusting once a week [...]

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A Clean Bathroom Makes for a Better Day

The bathroom.  It's likely one of the most visited rooms in your home. Most people visit it at the least once or twice in the morning, several times throughout the day, before they go to bed, and even during the night. It's no wonder this room can get so messy so quickly. Fortunately, though, with [...]

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Recycling Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

When it comes to spring cleaning, your number one goal should be to clear the clutter from your home.  You should also look for ways to go green with your cleaning practices, and there's no better way to do this than by recycling and using earth-friendly cleaning products. Get Rid of the Clutter First and [...]

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Dishwasher Dos and Don’ts: Treating It Like a Best Friend

When it comes to cleaning up the mess left in the kitchen after a delightfully tasting dinner, there's nothing better than knowing you have a dishwasher.  Many dishwashers these days are so powerful that you don't even have to rinse the dishes before loading them.  If you intend on keeping this valuable kitchen helper around [...]

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