For mothers who work from home, it seems that they would have the whole house-cleaning-thing down to a T.  Truth is though, many of them notice that the more time they spend at home, the messier it becomes.  Fortunately, there are few tricks you can follow to help keep the home nice and tidy.  Here’s a quick look at a few home organizing tips that mothers have picked up along the way as they raise their children and work from home.  You can use these tips too, even if you don’t have the luxury of working out of your house.

Keep a Basket for Unmatched Socks

There’s no explaining it.  The only logical explanation is that the dryer eats socks and then decides to spit them back out later one.  Still yet, this leaves you hanging with an endless pair of socks that have no match.  But when you put them in a basket and go back through them every couple of weeks, you’ll end up finding several single socks that do indeed have a partner. Case and point, keep a small basket beside your dryer where you can throw all those single socks; this will help keep your laundry much more organized.

Take Out One Thing at a Time

When you leave a room, take something out with you.  Something that doesn’t belong.  It’s extremely difficult to keep a home neat and tidy when you have three people running in and out.  I can’t imagine what it would be like for those of you with three or more children.  But when everybody pitches in and grabs at least one thing that doesn’t belong in the room when they leave, this greatly helps out on keeping things where they belong.

The Toilets Deserve a Lot of Attention

It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to clean that more than two bathrooms each day, but truth is, there are many homes that have anywhere from three to five-plus baths.  And no matter how bad you want to avoid it, the toilets, bathroom sinks and floors need a thorough cleaning at least once a day.  Showers should be cleaned at least once every two weeks.  If you have your cleaning supplies in a handy cleaning basket, you should be able to clean each bathroom in less than 10 minutes.

Make Your Bed Everyday

Most people don’t realize the true value of making their beds on a daily basis.  Making your bed brings about many health benefits, and it’ll make your day feel and be much more organized.

Keep the Dishes Done, (or at Least in the Dishwasher)

Before going to bed each night, it’s extremely important that the house be free of dirty dishes.  A cup here or there that somebody is drinking out of is okay, but dirty plates, silverware, and bowls should always either be washed or at least loaded in the dishwasher.

A Clean Home Equals a Happier Life

No matter the way you look at it, a cleaner and more organized home brings more structure to the rest of your life.  Make sure to keep the above tips in mind when going through your home.  And if you can’t find the time to clean your home yourself, make sure to keep in mind the many valuable home cleaning services provided in Houston.

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