Ah, summertime…tis the season for bridal showers and BBQ get-togethers, but is your home party-ready? Most of us tidy up before a big soiree, and some may even deep clean in anticipation of guests in their home, but many hosts overlook the details that guests see the most. Never fear—tips are here! Here’s a few pointers to help you walk in your guests’ party shoes.

Take a Walkabout

There are parts of our homes that our guests use more than we do, so take a few minutes to stroll through your house as if you were a guest.

  • The Front Door: Ring the doorbell…did your hand emerge with any cobwebs? Hopefully not, but the front door entry is often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Keep in mind, this is likely the first impression guests will get of your home and its cleanliness, so give the front door its due attention.
  • The Guest Bathroom: Of course the guest bathroom will be clean, and you may have recently updated it…but do you ever use it? Go through the motions in your guest powder room and you’ll discover corners, angles, and crevices you previously overlooked. You’d be surprised how different the room looks when you’re using it as a guest.

Look Up

Whether it’s your party decorations or that new statement color painted on the living room walls, something will draw your guest’s eyes upward—so pay attention to the higher elements in each room. Wouldn’t you rather your guests notice the centerpiece than dusty shelving, cabinetry, or air vents?

Make Yourself Comfortable

It’s important for your guests to make themselves at home, and a lived-in home will encourage them to relax and genuinely enjoy their time at your event.

  • Carry On: Guests often arrive with purses, gifts, diaper bags…you name it. Look around; if you had a bag to put down, where would it go? Make sure your guests have somewhere safe to drop off their belongings, then encourage your guests to trade their bags for a free hand—that is, free until they discover the drinks and hors d’oeuvres!
  • Relax: Even though a clean home is important, it’s more important to enjoy the moment. A lived-in and welcoming home will be better remembered by your guests and your relaxed demeanor will be contagious! Don’t sweat the details day of: plan ahead, make a list, do what’s necessary to ensure peace of mind and time for a friendly toast with your guests. Need a helping hand? WeClean4You is here to make sure your home is guest-ready!
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