You’re a latte lover, a frappe fan, a doppio devotee—but while you may love a cup of coffee in your hand, you may not want its stains in your home. Well you can keep enjoying your favorite beverage, and relax if you happen to have a spill, because these tips for removing pesky coffee stains are quick and easy to follow.


Coffee Mugs

Coffee (and tea!) stains, even old stains, can be removed with a simple baking soda paste. Scoop a tablespoon of baking soda into the stained mug, and gradually add in water until the baking soda paste is formed. Use a toothbrush or dish brush to gently scrub the paste onto the discolored areas. Stain removal should only take a few minutes, so remember to check the stained surface between scrubbings to see if your work is complete—and don’t forget to rinse your newly stain-free mug clean before you use it for a hot cup of joe!


Laminate Countertops

Coffee stains can be especially stubborn on laminate countertops. Absolutely no one wants old coffee marks on their otherwise spotless, white surfaces. So…baking soda to the rescue again! This time, pair baking soda with dish soap to form your cleaning paste. For this job, you could use a cleaning brush, an eraser sponge, or a dish sponge. Either way, make sure you choose a cleaning tool that, when combined with the paste, is not too abrasive for the finish of your countertop. Once you’ve scrubbed the stains away, remember to rinse away the cleaning paste with clean water, then dry with a kitchen towel.



You’re headed out the door for work and you fumble for your keys with commuter cup in hand. Oops! The splatter sound of coffee on carpet tells you that you forgot to close the lid…what do you do? First, use some paper towels to soak up the extra moisture (you could also use a towel and then immediately throw it in the wash.) Then, use cold water to start rinsing the spill and keep the stain from setting. Moisten a clean towel with cold water, and start dabbing the spill. To clean, make a DIY cleaning solution with two cups of warm water and half a cup of white vinegar. Blot the stained area with your vinegar solution and a clean sponge, then dab the area fresh with clean water. Finally, use a dry towel to press firmly on the newly cleaned carpet, removing all excess moisture and revealing a spot-free floor!

Have a few cleaning tips of your own? Leave us a comment to share your best remedies for tricky coffee stains.

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