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Winterizing and Preventing Floods in Home

In the Greater Houston area, we don’t get concerned about freezing weather too often, but it’s better to be prepared and knowledgeable before any sudden change in weather. Pipes can freeze if unprotected from insulation in below freezing temperature for an extended period of time. When that happens your pipes will burst and water will [...]

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Emergency Survival Kit for Home

Disaster can hit our community at any time either through torrential rains, hurricanes, fire, or a power outage in our home. What can you do to be prepared at a moment’s notice? Basic Essentials Make sure your home has all of these items readily available at all times, but especially when warned of an imminent [...]

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Preparing the Holiday Turkey

Turkey is traditionally the main entrée for many holiday gatherings-Thanksgiving, Christmas, and sometimes even Easter. Whether its your first time to serve the turkey or you’ve done it many times, we can always learn a few new tricks to making the turkey the “belle of the ball”. When to Purchase and Thaw Buy your turkey [...]

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Fire Prevention Tips for the Home

October is Fire Prevention Month and many local fire departments attend elementary schools to reinforce fire safety and emergency techniques appropriate for the child’s age. Our kids can prevent accidents from happening and know what to do in any emergency situation that may occur in their home or while at a friend’s house. Children learn [...]

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Can you do business without TRUST?

Be careful who you allow in the home! There are a lot of people and services that you must allow in your home for residential services. Air conditioning and heating, appliance repair, roofers, carpet cleaning, painters, re-model contractors, internet/cable service provides, plumbers, and maid services. But would you let any of these people in your [...]

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Dust Bunnies or Easter Bunnies?

This is an in-between time of year. We can never be sure if we are done with Winter or if Spring has actually arrived to stay. Do we turn on the air conditioner or the heater? One thing is for sure-the bunnies are out! Yes, I meant Dust Bunnies, not the Easter rendition. What are [...]

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10 Easy Home Safety Checks

We know our homes better than anyone, but it can be easy to miss home safety concerns that are right on our doorsteps. So take control of your in-home health and safety with these easy, tidy-time tips: When you’re sweeping… Inspect the floors: Warped, cracked, or peeling flooring can be a tripping or foot injury [...]

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Tips For Cleaning Your Home the Safe Way

When it comes to keeping your home clean, you have three options: Clean it yourself Let a professional clean it for you Combine professional cleaning services with your cleaning efforts Your lifestyle will of course largely influence the amount of time you can devote to cleaning as well as your personal preferences.  Take for instance [...]

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