Cleaning Floors Made Easy

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Floors get dirty in your home, no matter what they have on the surface-carpet, tile, laminate, or hardwood-people walk on them and they get dirty. Maintenance is key on a weekly basis, and the major [...]

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About Our Maids

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As of January 2017 We Clean 4 You has upgraded many of their hiring and training processes. If we want to offer the BEST maid service to the community it is important that all are [...]

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Time to get your Air Conditioner Checked

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It is that time of year when you need to prepare your air conditioner for full throttle! During the heat of summer is absolutely the worse time for air conditioners to fail, but it can [...]

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Quality Time with Family-Move over Housework!

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Women are generally the ones left to do the household chores, regardless of whether they have an outside occupation or not. Pleading for help is tiresome and often short lived. What can you do to [...]

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Allergies in the Home

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Allergy season is upon us in Houston. There are some things you can do to breathe easier even though the pollen is all around us. They are not scientifically proven, but worth trying if it [...]

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Removing Allergens in the Home

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Time to start thinking about Spring Cleaning! As we move toward Spring and the warmer months, we want to regulate our comfort by turning up the air conditioner. But before you do that, check your [...]

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Getting your home ready for the Maid

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Whether you’ve had regular maid service or not there are a few things you may not know. Your Estimate This is based on what you tell us before the service. We will give you an [...]

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Home Cleaning – New Year/New Thoughts

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New Year/New Thoughts January is typically the time to re-start your engine. Dieting, organizing, planning, and de-cluttering. By February, most of the new goals for the year have long been forgotten and life goes on. [...]

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Organization After Christmas

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Organization After Christmas You made it through the Holidays and it’s time to take down the outside lights and store the Christmas tree. When you put up the Christmas decorations it’s excitement with hopes of [...]

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